YPH committed to improving security and protecting the environment

    "0 Injury", "0 Damage" is the ultimate pursuit and goal of YPH .

    YPH improved the safety and intrinsic safety level by strengthening education and training, device 
    safety, automatic control, on-site standardized management.

    In order to encourage troubleshoot on hidden trouble, declaring failure, effective renovation, 
    eliminating the hidden trouble, preventing accidents.

    By declaring "Every manager is a safety manager", " all levels of management is responsible for
     production safety", "each employee look after their own position safety " as the principle, YPH
     carries out various types of personnel safety responsibilities.

    In the production and operation process, the implementation of "commitment to improve security",
    "committed to protecting the environment" approach, YPH respect and care for people residing in 
    our business area, the local and global environment, to protect the health, safety and environment 
    of the people involved in the business, to manage risks in an organized manner, through 
    continuous efforts, with a view to successfully eliminating all injuries, occupational diseases and 
    environmental damage events, creating a better tomorrow for the environment and occupational 
    health and safety.

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